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Discussion in 'News & Announcments' started by Linebeck, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Greetings people from the Great Sea of Packets,

    I of course have been back for about three weeks now and just now got around to posting this announcement. I apologize for being gone for two weeks on vacation. I won't be doing that anymore anytime soon. I have just got around to updating anything related to the website, and have promoted some people to [Mod] rank. We do have lots of good news, spawn (Windfall) has been finished, and we began to work on the dungeons world.

    I have contacted some developers about Super Smash Mobs, and have a developer currently working on basic server functions. There are still some minor bugs that I am trying to fix currently. We are going to be adding a lot features and some more plugins here soon. I know all of you have been waiting very patiently, and have been trying to join the server, based on the frequent "attempt to joins" in console. That is why, I am allowing anyone who messages me a request to join our white-list. I will ask a few questions, and add you based on your answer.

    I will be creating a trailer very soon for the server using shaders, along with a tutorial on how everything works, and our features. Oh, I almost forgot. Believe it or not, I have successfully updated our server to 1.11.2, and everything seems to be stable as of today.... I would like to introduce our new Mods, and news about a recent demotion. Due to recent conflicts, mrwobblers has been demoted, and will not be helper until further notice. On the good side of things, please welcome HikariLink and FastFilms to their new positions as Moderator.

    Last but not least, we recently changed our Server Icon to this master piece made by a true artist, HikariLink.

    I hope everyone had a great time over Christmas break, and look forward to seeing you soon. I assure you that server development is still on track, and I have enough funds to keep it that way. However, once BOTW releases, I may stop production for a little.. xD. Just kidding. :)



    P.S. Will plan on adding Citizens 2, and other cool plugins to go along with our other current plugins. (I will make a video demonstrating everything soon. :p )
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