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    Good early morning,

    Server progress is going very well, we finally implemented a shop. We are still waiting on some more plugins to be completed, along with some fixes for Zcore. I and my team of staff have been working really hard the past couple of months to present to you what is known as ZeldaVerse. We are terribly sorry for the a delayed release, but we can assure you that it will be well worth it. :)

    I will be gone for two weeks on vacation. However, fear not! My loyal Supervisor @SkywardWolves, will take good care of ZV while I am gone. I am leaving Sejo2018 second in command, when Sky is not online. I will see all of you in January. Enjoy your holidays and time with your family and friends. Please, do not feel obligated to have to work on the server. If any of you need me for any reason, please send me a Skype message. I will check on things from time to time during the time I am gone. Meanwhile, enjoy these images:

    Lake Hylia
    Hyrule Castle
    Wind Waker Hyrule
    Preview of a Snow Village....

    ATTENTION: We are also taking whitelist requests to see our progress so far. If you're interested create an account and message @SkywardWolves, he will handle it.

    Best regards,

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