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    Good morning,

    Welcome to our forums, your place to express yourself, and your way to contact us anytime our staff is available. You; yes you, are important to us, everything that surrounds our server is very important to us, and if you have any suggestions that you feel would enhance people's experience on our server, please, contact a staff member as soon as possible with your idea. We love your feedback!

    As for recent news, we have been working on the ever so awaited Dungeon World - as that is our highest priority as of this moment in time. I'd like to personally thank each and every one of our staff members for taking their time, and their loyalty for us; for this; for ZeldaVerse. I want to thank everyone that has played a major role in the server:
    Our Mod Team: @kylestiel, @Windy, @LunaCandy, and @DittoGaming935

    Our Arch-Mods: @SeJo, and @PrincessAgitha

    Our Helpers: @Phoenix, and @MajoraGamer

    I want to thank you all personally for all of the hard work and dedication you've put into this server; you've made contributions to us that I will never forget; no matter what happens.

    As for builds, we are hard at work building things from some of your favorite Zelda and non-Zelda titles! We also have been working vigorously on the long-awaited Dungeons world as well, as we have just finished some temples and dungeons. With only a few more to go, we will be completing it soon!
    As for what builds; you will have to wait for the server to release!

    We are not only a team, we are a family, and we will welcome new members to our family with open arms. If you want to become a part of ZeldaVerse, you are free to join us at any moment in time. Here, we do not believe in the tyrannous treatment of people with the binds of favoritism, and we want to treat every single member with equality, and equity. We do not believe in the oppression of corrupted staff, and the autonomous means of dealing with situations. As aforementioned - We are a family. We are a community. We are ZeldaVerse.

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